Is commercial software the salvation of Linux?

Eric Laffoon of Kdewebdev fame responds to Timothy R. Butler's piece about KDE needing to move beyond Qt. I just had to post about this.
Thank you, Eric, for expressing this so well.
Qt, the GPL, Business and Freedom

Some of his better comments:

"I have a problem with attempts to depreciate the value of the GPL or arguments that there is a problem with Qt because businesses cannot write closed source software with it for free. Is commercial closed source software essential for Linux success? Is that what we're about now? "

"There used to be an argument against Qt for not being GPL, then for not offering unrestricted free software development on Windows. As of Qt 4 the GPL license applies to Linux, Mac and Windows. The only thing left to attack Qt on is that it's not free for commercial use... Never mind that it's a poor argument and that the objective of FOSS has never been to support corporate welfare for commercial projects."

"Why are open source supporters against a company like Trolltech which has GPL'd their key product? One can hope reason will prevail. Sadly, for some, zealotry will trump any reasoning."

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