Thoughts on KDE 4 menu/toolbar creation

I've been thinking a bit about our (KDE's) xmlgui framework lately and had some very interesting discussions with David here at the KDE conference in Malaga about it. I identify the following main problems with the current way of creating menus/toolbars using xmlgui:

  • Uebercomplex API (clients, builders, factories, some graphically simple things require lots of code...)
  • Bad namings in the xml format
  • Two-stage gui merging/creation with ui_standards.rc
  • No graphical tool for designing menus/toolbars

My current state of thinking about these is that I would like to move away from the custom xml format and standardize on Qt Designer as the tool of choice for designing toolbars, mainwindows and actions. Perhaps in combination with a little KDE plugin that could offer our set of standard actions as well as a template layout for menus/toolbars following KDE's HIG this may solve three of the mentioned problems in one shot.

A solution for the API, a concept that still permits GUI merging to some extend will require some more research and experimenting. David had a very good idea based on action grouping that may serve as the base for that.

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