batteries, devices and half & half

First thing I am going to do when I get into L.A is have a cuppa java with half & half! Not milk. Not cream. Half & half! Australia, it seems has not discovered how much better half & half tastes in coffee than milk. The last two years I have taken up putting real cream into my cuppas. "Can't you make half and half?" yes, but it isn't the same. ;)

Deciding what devices to bring is getting to be a chore! Need laptop (so at least I hack some code, or do some work for a few hours on the 12 hour plane ride). Need phone (roaming activated). Need ipod. Need a zaurus or two. Maybe the simpad. and the ipaq. Need power plug adapters for all the batteries. Luckily most power adapters can handle 100 - 240 volts, so I just need the fiddly-bit switcheroo on the end. Ohh, and paperback books when all the batteries die.

On a side note. Trolltech is growing so big, its getting more difficult to keep track of just who is who and who does what in the organization!

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