dev days - san jose

Back in the Australian home. Beat up and weary from a heap of air travel that included getting stuck on the tarmac twice in two different airports for 1) having too much fuel (wtf!?! - 3 hours on the plane for them to find someone to pump out excess fuel) and nearly missing the international connection flight. and 2) engines would not start. Aux power failed when they tried to start the engines. Towed back to gate and then the engines "could not get enough air to start". hmmm, ok. Really builds the confidence for this airline. Will avoid this one where possible.

Things learned:
L.A. is a ridiculous airport.
San Jose has terrible traffic.
Glad I call Australia home.

It was good to meet people only known from emails, see the California office, and talk face to face with developers. Met our CTO, and our new VP of Professional Services.

Now I am going to sleep for two days...

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