Developer Days SJ 2005

So here's my little update on last week's adventures at the first of two arrangements for the Trolltech Developer Days 2005 in San Jose. I traveled together with Zack, Roberto, Marius and Gunnar on an SAS/Virgin flight to SFO on Saturday the 15th. Spent the weekend bio-adjusting to The American Way, and on Monday, we checked in at the Hayes Mansion, about 30 minutes away from down town San Jose. The Hayes is certainly more than what I'd expect from a mansion, but apart from a really noisy room at night and somewhat pricy facilities, their Weiss was good and so all was good.

The Hayes Mansion The Hayes Mansion 2
The Hayes Mansion, beauutiful ey? The ballroom, where most of the dev day stuff happened.

The first day was for two tracks of training, where our partners ICS and KDAB held an introductory track to Qt based on Qt 4, and a second track about moving from Qt 3 to Qt 4. The training was pretty well attended. The introductory track was quite early on split into two sessions, one introductory and another Qt 3 to Qt 4 track was spawned off. Roberto, Mike and I assisted Jesper from KDAB as he went through mostly all aspects of the Qt 4 libraries.

Qt 3 to Qt 4 Qt 3 to Qt 4 two
A nice big presentation ...and enough computers for everyone

That evening, TT's founders held a party where everyone mingled into a what seemed at the time like a tiny bar in the basement level of the Hayes mansion. I guess it was just packed ;-). There were tons of conference attendees there, partner booths, and all us trolls. Most of my pictures came out bad for some reason (...), but at least Harri and Reggie's pose same out OK:

Frogs, I guess.
Former senior trolls, now ... senior frogs? Harri and Reggie from FrogLogic.

I think there were about 180 people attending the conference, and they might all at one point have been at that bar at once ;-). The next day started with a welcoming talk from Håvard (CEO at TT), and Qt 4.x eyes-ups from Matthias, followed by Gary Forni from Intel and Erric Solomon of Synopsys giving talks about how cool Qt is and with some graphs pointing upwards and all that :-). Good warmups for the talks that started promptly after lunch.

Lots of people in a huge room. Marius Bugge Monsen with his talk about Model-View.
The main conference room was packed with developers. Marius holding a very good talk about Qt 4's Model-View architecture.

I myself had the first talk in the Qt-In-Depth track, about threaded programming. The atmosphere in the room was amazing! Apart from being overly packed (that's 3 times), everyone seemed eager to suck up some good inspiration on the world of threading. Very inspiring for me as a presenter. The questions were good and many, and I got an impression that people were all walking around with a big smile on their face, letting me know, after my talk, what threading models they were using in their business, and how much code they could nuke after the
improvements in Qt 4. And after the day was over, party!

Party after the conference. Robero Raggi and Aaron Seigo.
That's Aaron Seigo dancing with some hillbillies from somewhere, I don't know where ;-). Relaxing in the sun, having a good time.

So finishing up, I really don't have space to show you all the material I've got from the party after the conference ;-) hehe, but it was great fun.

I heard the Münich event for next week is fully booked, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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