One of the troubles of world travel is coming in contact with new virus and such, especially those that cause sinusitis. So I decided to stay home today. This is the first real illness I have had for quite a few years, so I am actually overdue.

With the internet, I can do some of the same work as I do in the office. But seeing as its free time, I will probably get started porting gutenbrowser to qt4 (seeing as there are at least 2 people interested in seeing it move forward!), instead of waiting til x.3.x release to port it to a new Qt like I did last time (which was actually a aptch from someone else!). Thats the plan anyway. At the same time, fold the Qtopia as well as the Opie version back into the desktop tree. Since Qtopia 4 isn't quite ready for release, I can concentrate on the desktop side of things.

I usually get started doing something, and then get distracted or get inspired to do music recording. or somesuch thing. Speaking of which, there is a certain pending software release that needs a "cute" jingle.... hmm.. "Qtopia 4 shuffle"? "Qtopia 4 jig"?.. "Qtopia 4 hoedown"? Perhaps something more Australian... "Qtopia 4 barby"....

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