Kdevelop & Qtopia/Opie

Before I left Munich, I had a short chat with Roberto about Qtopia, editors and kdevelop. It got me thinking that indeed, kdevelop's Qtopia and Opie integration needs to be better (i.e. updated). At least for application and plugin templates. I did some initial work with a Qtopia application template some time ago, but because of differing Qt versions, it was not as flash as a regular Qt application template. You have to make sure you use the correct version of designer among other things, so you can't just click on a qtopia .ui, from within kdevelop, edit it, and expect this to work, as it will open it up into Designer 3, which will make an incompatible user interface file.
Then there is the whole cross compiler thing.

To be fair to Roberto, I do use kdevelop. I have used kdevelop (not exclusively) since .65 (I think it was), and it has gotten heaps better. :)

Especially with Qtopia 4 being based on Qt 4, Qtopia app template integration, and general Qtopia development will be quite a bit better than it is now. Whereas current Qtopia and Opie development with kdevelop is cumbersome if you want to use kdevelop for more than just an editor. Both Qtopia and Opie use a different designer version, as well as a different version of qmake!

This got me thinking.. there are minikde and microkde sources around the net. Perhaps it would be good if these were "standardized" and integrated as it's own "microkde library" in Opie. (Qtopia would benefit from this as well). There are a couple kde apps into Opie (tinykate, kcheckers, kpacman, embeddedkonsole - but most do not use any kde code), as well as konq-e. This could bring about easier "porting" of kde applications to both Opie and Qtopia. Problem is, there are a few differing versions of "microkde" out there.

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