Developer Days MÜ 2005

A bit late, but here's my little update the week before last week's adventures at the second of two arrangements for the Trolltech Developer Days 2005 in San Jose. I traveled together with Zack and Marius on a Lufthansa flight to MUC on Tuesday 1st. Checked in at the Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel, and spent the rest of the day eating German Kirsche-cheeze Kuchen/cake. The Sheraton was certainly more than what I'd expect from a hotel, except that the only Internet access I had at my room was an ISDN line, and their wireless internet access was lobby-only, and they didn't have _any_ power outlets there, but their Weiss was good and so all was good. Jasmin even tried some nasty banana Weiss - I don't recommend it! Update 15-11-2005: Apparently the Sheraton's top floors (aka. "tower floors") did have high-speed Internet access. Also, there have been reports about one power outlet hidden under a lid by a couch in the lobby, that I didn't find. ;-).

The Arabella The Lobby
The Arabella Sheraton, beauutiful ey? Lobby without a power outlet.

The first evening we arranged a cocktail party for all attendees, and it was a very well attended gig. We got to meet up with lots of Qt developers, and learned about everyone's first encounters with Qt 4! And I was surprised to see that most were very happy to see how much has improved since Qt 3. We used the occasion to make notes on how to improve porting from Qt 3 to Qt 4, which is still a somewhat tedious process. Our partners were on place, of course, and I only just got to sneak in for a picture. There were about 400 people attending the conference, and quite a few of them found their way to this cocktail party!

Frogs, I guess. Banana Beer
Harri and Reggie - executive frogs. Jasmin and Trenton, drinking some nasty banana Weiss beer.

Wednesday, the first of two conference days, started with a welcoming talk from Eirik (President of TT), and Qt 4.x eyes-ups from Matthias, followed by keynotes with graphs pointing upwards - many of us presenters spent the time during these keynotes to prepare for the talks after lunch. The conference main room was huge!

Lots of people in a huge room. A graph.
The main conference room was huge, and packed with developers. An series of columns showing great growth.

So in the afternoon sessions, we again held our talks in the three sessions - Up Front, In Depth, and Embedded. In my presentation I think we had almost 250 people, so almost twice as many as in San Jose. An awesome experience, and I can't wait to come up with a good talk for next year's event :-).

Lots of people in a huge room. Roberto.
250 people at the threading talk. Roberto tries to explain how to use Designer with the Controller pattern.

After the event, we all went out for a nice meal and celebrated the successful event.

Trolls celebrating. Two Dancing Aarons.
Celebrating trolls! I managed to catch two Aarons dancing.

So finishing up, I really don't have space to show you all the material I've got from the party after the conference ;-) hehe, but it was great fun. Hope to see those of you who attended it again soon!

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