a sunny day in brisbane

Life in Brissie is great!

World class ocean beaches nearby, relatively warm temperatures all year long (never freezes, anyway), friendly people where no shoes are the norm... BBQ's all year long!! Not to mention I work for a great company that has a wonderful office environment that includes free lunches, excersize equipment, flexible work hours and creative fridays!

Not many people know Trolltech has a development office in Brisbane, Australia. The problem is, not many people know we have a development office in Brisbane Australia and we are expanding and need developers to join us.
Not many people know about about, either. (shameless plug)

Actually, it is a bit cloudy and might rain today. But that still doesn't mean it's not a sunny day here in Brissie!

Now to display a few myths about Australia:
1) No one here drinks Fosters. Thats because we export all the bad beer and keep the good stuff for ourselves.
2) No one puts "shrimps on the barby". It would be "prawns on the barby", if we did.
3) Only one person ever exclaims "Crickey!"
4) There is no such thing as a dropbear, except if you are talking about small, ssh software.

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