Well, Qtopia 2.2 is out, Trolltech is diligently working on Qtopia 4 (with some really great improvements!), it is almost summer here in the southern hemisphere, and I am headed for my first real vacation since I started with Trolltech. Bringing my Aussie family to Colorado (and having a brief wintertime)! So I am leaving the flip-flops (or thongs, as they say here), my tropical button down shirts, my short pants, the swimming pool, the ocean beaches, the warmth, for mostly cold, sometimes snowing, two or three layer winter clothes.

But being the Community guy here at Qtopia, I don't _really_ get a vacation unless I turn all my computers and handheld devices off. Because I come from the Kde/Qt/Qtopia community, and this is where a lot of my passion is. So anytime I am online, I liaise. and besides me being a work-a-holic and really enjoying my job (most of the time), can't really say I won't do any work things on my holidaze.

Some of my holidaze planning being:

  • teach my wife how to make proper snow people.
  • native ALSA support for Opie and Qt/E.
  • work on tslib support in Qt/Embedded 4 (unless someone sends me an appropo patch I can apply).
  • recover several lost songs (due to hardware failure), which entails transfering them from tape/ADAT to a hard drive.
  • sell used sound equipment too bulky to ship to brissie.
  • somehow get KDE 3.5 installed on my lappie.

among others....

I already can't wait to get back to the warmth and sunshine of Brisbane! What a great place to live. well, besides the spiders. and snakes. and sharks. but the bats in my back yard are friggin cool!

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