After a long 12 hour flight to L.A, 5 hours in the L.A. airport and a 2.5 hour flight to Denver, we landed. This was no ordinary landing though. Well, the landing was non eventful, but what was notable was the weather. When we left Brisbane, we were outside, swiming... it was summer, with a bit too warm for me temperature of 33C. Denver, however was in the middle of a sub-artic freeze of -10C! My wife is from Northern Territory in AU and never seen snow, much less sub zero temperatures. She was quite shocked.

Holidays are good for one thing, at least, and that is to recoup, gain clarity and vision, personally and professionally. So far, I have been redigitizing some old recordings of mine that were lost due to a hard drive failure. I have spent so much time downstairs in the studio that my poor wife is beginning to think she went on vacation alone! It's good to get back the liquid cooled Koolance case I had left here.

The Nokia 770 is due to be delivered tomorrow, so I can suppose that some holiday work of getting Qtopia running on this is due, after a few days with the native environment. Shouldn't be all that difficult, it doesn't have a hardware keyboard like the Zaurus, so keyboard support is limited to only a few buttons.

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