KDE QA Summit

This weekend, some KDE hackers met at the froglogic headquarters for a QA summit. Topics spanned static code/documentation checking, unit testing, usability and accessibility testing. Side-topics also included automated performance and memory consumption testing.

Today, we managed to implement the outlines for a QA system, including a database schema and the XML schema that'll be used for the different tools to communicate to the database. The current design allows every trusted resource to upload testruns, that'll be incorporated in the database.

Ellen Reitmayr of held a demonstration about usability. Based on that information, the froglogic people were able to create a test that launched a given KDE application and analyzed its structure. The test reports overcrowded menubars and other GUI bloopers.

Some autotests were created to analyze KDE's code, for example pedantic header verification or binary compatibility checkers.

Using KDevelop's powerful C++ parser, lint-like checking or code-aestethics measurments can be performed.

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