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Well, my excursion into "Tablet Kde" is missing two main features of using Kde well on a Tablet Pc.... one is really a show-stopper... there's no on screen keyboard, no hold-to-right-mouse-click, and there's no rotation that I can find. It would be nice also if there were some cool "pen" applications. If I had more time on my hands, I might try my hand with a qt-x11 or kde based screen keyboard...

I know I can run Opie or Qtopia on it, and probably do ok, which is on the agenda for this. :)

I haven't had device problems for a few years in linux, and the only thing not working well out of the box with a Kubuntu install is the internal wifi. The community developed bleeding edge barely beta driver works - barely. Keeps stopping sending/receiving packets after a while, and I have to ifdown ath0; ifup ath0. :)

I bought this tablet for my wife and I, and she has barely had any time on it so far. Maybe in a few weeks, dear. :)

Since I work at an IT place, I seem to have become the family sys-admin. Today I get to troubleshoot wifi and try to get 'Yardi', an ms-dos program, running better on Winxp (oi!). I broke my bro's internet connection the other day, but at least now he has access to the web configuration on his router. :) oh well, couldn't be helped... he lost the password, and didn't the know configuration his weird satellite/phone internet system needs, so he now has to wait for his ISP support to phone. That'll teach him for asking me for sys-admin duties!

hmmm.. should I bring home my webpal...

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