there goes summer…

nights are getting cooler here.. got down to a chilly 20C last night! whoa! better start getting out the sheet for the bed!

Its funny here, 'officially' autumn starts March 1st, and when I explain to people that no, autumn _really_ doesn't start until the equinox (march 21), people tend to go on about how autumn actually starts (well _all_ seasons officially start on the first of the month) on the 1st. Silly Australians.. they probably need to get more in tune with natural forces of the moon and planets, man. It's amazing how people can put arbitrary dates on something so tied to planetary movements such as seasons. weirdness. oh well.. must be all the sun and beer!

Finally got around to start reworking my own web site. heh.. dates on some files are from 1989 and last login was 4 years ago.. naaa.. no cobwebs around that server!

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