Qt 4 book expected in June 2006

Qt 4 book cover
I am pleased to announce that we have sent the final manuscript of the Qt 4 book to the publisher last week. C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (ISBN 0131872494), by Mark Summerfield and myself, is an update of the official Trolltech Qt 3 book and is based on Qt 4.1. It features three new chapters and a new appendix:

  • Item View Classes
  • Creating Plugins
  • Embedded Programming
  • Introduction to C++ for Java and C# Programmers

The book features some cool troll drawings, including one on the (draft) cover. It is already possible to order the book from Amazon.

From the preface:

Readers of the Qt 3 edition of this book will find this new edition familiar in both content and style. This edition has been updated to take advantage of Qt 4's new features (including some that were introduced with Qt 4.1) and to present code that shows good idiomatic Qt 4 programming techniques. In many cases, we have used similar examples to the ones used in the Qt 3 edition. This will not affect new readers, but will help those who read the previous edition orient themselves to Qt 4's cleaner, clearer, and more expressive style.

[...] Just like the Qt 3 book, the emphasis is on explaining Qt programming rather than simply rehashing or summarizing Qt's extensive online documentation.

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