Qt Developer Road Show starting soon

It's a beautiful saturday here in Røyken / Norway. About -5C, blue skies, and snow all over the place. Wear sunglassses! Feeling good; some week-old bruise around my spinal tap from snowboarding last week-end is still annoying me a little, but that's just part of the charm ;-).

Tomorrow I'll be on a plane across the Pond, preparing for the Qt Developer Road Show, with events in Houston and Boston. If I'm lucky, I'll get a chance to visit my childhood home, which is just 30 minutes outside of downtown Houston. Checked it out on Google Earth just to make sure the house is still there! My school seems to be gone, though. Tough luck ;-).

Marius B M and I will be flying over to Chicago tomorrow, and hopefully the hotel's facilities will be good enough for us to get some quality time for development. During the Road Show we'll be holding presentations about threaded programming and the model-view architecture. Looking forward to a nice couple of weeks abroad!

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