End of 1st half of the Road Show

Sitting in my hotel room now, 03:53 in Boston. Today, Friday 7th, is the last day of the first half of the Qt Developer Road Show. Can't seem to sleep! Maybe it's yesterday's beers, or maybe I'm nervous for today's talk. I don't know ;-).

Anyway. We started off in Chicago as mentioned before, then we went to Houston (as mentioned by Aaron S, a mall+hotel+office building complex called Westin Galleria, fabulous place!). In Houston we had a nice group of people attending the road show. For Qt training, hosted by ICS, there were two tracks of ~18 people. A tough little crowd, but the feedback was very good after the day was done. The next day we had almost 60 people I think, and Benoit Schillings (CTO of TT) held a quite inspiring keynote about the role of Qt today, and in the future. (Having worked with everything from details in the BEOS kernel (bypassing graphics memory limits by capturing page faults to swap the address range of the card) to desktop applications written in MFC or .NET, Benoit does certainly have a great deal to share about what's going on.) After his keynote, I held my threading talk to an audience of ~30. Then later that day, I held the same talk again. I got good feedback! Even from some people that I clearly saw were sleeping ;-).

The building, otoh, was very creepy: every once and again, the wind and weather would grab hold of the building and all the windows would squeak! The tracks were on the top floor (in the Regent, the Royal, and the Monarch rooms!). I was certain that the building would collapse! ;-) haha.

We've been in Baston (Basston? ;)) for a week now, attending the LinuxWorld Expo for a couple of days (yes, we saw Unisys' booth burn!). Many Motif-companies visited our booth, wondering - for example - if it was possible to print using Qt (!), if we supported splitters properly (referring to bugs in Xt), and how and when they could get started with porting!

Among other things, I met Waldo there and learned about some of his efforts in the Portland project (on behalf of Intel). Other than that, there sadly wasn't much talk about KDE on the conference. The LinuxWorld is more of a "our software runs on Linux / our hardware runs Linux" show than anything else. Grep is out! Use Splunk instead! Register now, and win an iPod! But I did get a chance to say hello to the Perforce people, and some of the other booths with software based on Qt.

Today, Eirik Chambe-Eng (CEO) is holding the keynote, and we're holding a single track of presentations. Yesterday's training had a cosy little crowd of attendees, and today, we're up to 41 so far. A decent number of people for a single-track day of technical talks. And I'll be talking about threading in Qt, or rather, why and how you should start using threads in your applications. Marius Bugge Monsen will then talk about the Model-View classes (a talk that has been very well received over and over again!), and Jasmin Blanchette will then hold one talk about effective graphics programming, and then hold a second talk about widgets. I think that's what the agenda was.

So next thing is tomorrow, we're all flying home, trying to avoid the major strike in norwegian aviation going on these days. Will stop by Reykjavik! And try to adjust to the wonderful norwegian spring weather (quite sunny, or so they say), brown cheeze and actual public transportation.

I'll be back later on, perhaps with some screenshots and examples of a cool project I've been working on the last half year (as mentioned by Aaron earlier). Until then, ta-ta!

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