help on the way

Programming anything can be daunting. Application development can be frustrating, even with a toolkit as awesome as Qt!

Luckily, there are a bunch of people willing to help, or at least try to help, or in the very least talk about the whether, in real time.

This can be a real boon to someone that is stuck who needs a little help.

Over on the irc servers, there are channels #qt and #qtopia (and I suppose a kde channel or two), in which you can get help if you need it (after reading the fine API docs at, of course!).

The #qt channel is associated with the website, where you can also look and find out things.

One of the cool things about #qt is that if you want to paste a bunch of code or gcc error messages, you go to and paste it there, and an irc bot living in #qt will post a message to the channel saying that you pasted something and give everyone a url to look at.

So, there ya go! Keep on hackin'!

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