kde & windows network printing

One thing that windows does do is make things easy, like a computer is supposed to do.

At home, we have a windows box connected to a shared printer. I go to print something from another networked windows box. Bam! no problemo to print. Barely even had to set it up.

On Linux/Kde... I had been struggled for most of one afternoon to even see the shared printer's machine. In windows, there was ONE thing I had to do, set up the correct workgroup name, and the networked printer magically appreared in list of shares and it just worked.

So on my linux kde and try setting up the printer. Good f&%*^ng luck. I go to Kcontrol center... hmm, where might it be.. I try 'Peripherals'. Nope. Not there. I try 'Internet & Network'. Nope nothing there. I go into 'Local Network Browsing'. hmm.. looks interesting, but no place to set a workgroup. I try 'Samba'. Ok, looks like I can at least set the correct workgroup. Hey there's a Printers section! I go to 'Add New Printer'... hmmm.. not right... this seems to be for sharing a local printer.

Hmm.. ok, so.. there is no real place to simply 'Add Network Printer' that I can find. So I try to get smart and try the search thats part of kcontrol, type in 'printer' and get something that looks like I can add a frickin printer. so I select 'smb' printer (already knowing that smb is actually windows networking), hit next.. ahhh ha!.. a place to configure a workgroup! hmm.. whats this?? server name?!? jezzus.. why can't I simply browse from here, and find the dang printer!.. ok, I know the machines name, so I add that. 'Name of remote queue',, remote queue??! wtf is that?? user and password?? I didn't need ANY of that for my win2x box. so I add 'guest', and press 'test'.. I get a popup that says, "Invalid remote queue name'. wtf is a "remote queue name".. I just want to print something, not be a sysadmin! so I press lookup.. Nothing happens. ehhhh.... right.... I know it's there. really.

Ok, I know kde can print to a network printer, cause it works at the office, where we have a real sysadmin. But I have given up trying at home, I have better things to do, like tickle my 7 month old son.

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