Some pictures from the Road Show

The first half of the Developer Road Show 2006 is done. Coming up is the Cambridge event, and then Paris. And in May, Hamburg. I found some pictures on my phone from the US trip that I'd like to share. So here comes a little summary.

I'd like to start off with a picture of some food. I'm always pleased with dinners when I'm in the US. ;-) That's one thing these people on the other side of the pond actually can do very well. I had steak, ribs, lobster, you name it. It's funny how when you visit a country where food is a bit cheaper than in Norway, you tend to spend more money on food. Take this Boston lobster, for instance:

Marius and I had one each, and at the end of the event, Volker had one. I even had a lobster at Andy's Peer II, a wonderful famous restaurant in the Boston docks.

One thing I cannot understand, is the US breakfast thing. Some countries (they do this in GB too) prefer breakfast to be the least healthy meal of the day. You can either get sugar, powdered sugar, pastry, syrup, and butter, soaked through a loaf covered with candy. Or, you get healthy, dry, chewy bagels that taste nothing. Healthy, good-tasting food is quite hard to get. Marius and I just ended up ordering fruit for breakfast some of the days. ;-) Btw, here's one of my favorite sugarbombs (click the image to get the full-size version):

Anyway. So had one event in Houston, and one in Boston, so far. The Houston event was held in the Westin Galleria. in the top floor. Aaron Seigo and George Staikos showed up, and we had a great time together. On the left side, two pictures from ICS's training sessions. One the right, well, you know these guys, don't you? ;-)

At the Boston event, we started off attending the LinuxWorld Expo, and here are some pictures from that event. On the left hand side, an attempt to capture the whole event in one picture, and on the right hand side, our booth. Notice that Espen's (release manager in dev in TT) back-side takes up a quarter of the whole booth. ;-)

The Boston event was held in the Fenway room at the Hilton Boston Back Bay. That room was very nice; I wish we had a room like that in our office premises ;-).

So now, I'm packing my stuff yet again and getting ready for the ACCU conference in Oxford. Hoping to see some KDE'ers at that event. My talk is about Qt's threading capabilities, and it'll be a slight rewrite of the Road Show threads content. Then follows the second half of the Road Show. Yeehaw. :-)

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