Trolltech’s Berlin Office

Picture of Matthias smiling in the entrance hall
So, we are making some progress with our expansion into Germany. Here are some pictures of the office building we currently favor. It's a rather old building from the former Academy of Sciences of the GDR, but beautifully renewed. Nice address, too: Albert-Einstein-Strasse, Berlin. The guy on the right hand side, standing smiling in the entrance hall, is me. But don't worry, Trolls don't normally wear suits, and German Trolls won't neither.

Here you find a picture of the building from above. It's the tall gray building in the middle, with the egg-shaped entrance hall in front of it. It's the tallest building in the area, which guarantees a great view in all directions. Getting interested? Here are some images of the entire area. While the Adlershof technology park is a bit outside Berlin, downtown Berlin is only a few minutes away by train. Many people working on the park do indeed live downtown.

But offices don't write code, developers do. If you look at, you will find that we are indeed looking for good software engineers, for Berlin and for the other office locations. If you enjoy writing Qt or KDE applications, and always wanted to be able to change Qt without having to send patches to qt-bugs, then this is your chance. The "I don't want to relocate to Norway"-argument doesn't count anymore. And the "I don't want to relocate to Berlin"-argument doesn't count either, because you can most certainly relocate to Norway! I've heard concerns from some developers that they didn't feel good enough to apply. That's bogus. For one, you can always apply, it costs nothing. For the other, if you write Qt applications or KDE libraries, you are very likely good enough. Qt's quality stems from the fact that we work together well, not that we are all ueber-programmers.

If you want to give it a thought and have some questions prior to sending in an application, please talk to me or your nearest Troll on IRC. Looking forward to hearing from you - soon!

Picture the beautiful facade Picture of the office that could be yours
The beautiful facade The office that could be yours
Picture of the entrance hall
The entrance hall

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