code whacking…

finally got to spend some time hacking... and solved a problem in the meantime.

When working with embedded devices, what do you do if there is no hardware keyboard and you are staring at a console prompt, and have no networking?

I came upon this when I was working with the Nokia 770 and getting Qtopia running on it. I thought about creating a virtual keyboard using ncurses, but I would need to learn ncurses! So, I decided to write one in Qt. errr, rather, use the beauty in free, open source GPL'd software, and put two things together, and add some hacking glue to make it all work together.

What I did is add a touchscreen keyboard to embeddedkonsole (a non X version of konsole for Opie and Qtopia).

I started out by de-qtopia'ing embeddedkonsole. Easy to do in this instance.
Then found a very nice GPL'd starting point for the virtual keyboard. QVKeyboard. This has a very simple design, and is just what I needed. I added some (currently non functioning) F* keys, hacked on this a bit to get it working on qt embedded (version 2). and then added it to embeddedkonsole! It needs more hacking and optimizing though.

Screenshot here

Now, as long as I have the touchscreen working on whatever device (tslib works fine), I can still enter commands without having an ssh session, without X server environment, and without Qtopia or Opie running.

BAH! Who needs X and a keyboard !?!

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