Qt 4.1.3 released

Qt 4.1.3 was released to the public today. A lot of work went into this release, and I'm happy that it's out in the wild now.

I was monitoring the incoming bugreports during the day and nearly fainted when reading about a binary compatibility breakage. We have some extensive test-suites to make sure we don't break backward compatibility and I manually went through a diff of all the headers. Luckily, it turned out that the person had an unhealthy mix of Qt libraries on his system which caused the problem.

The total breakage on Mac OS X 10.3 with gcc 3.3 turned out to be a compiler bug that can be solved by installing the November update of the Xcode tools. A patch to build the MySQL plugin with older MySQL versions was published soon after the issue was reported.

All in all, 4.1.3 seems to be a pretty smooth release.

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