Berlin office up and running - well, sorta :)

As some of you might have noticed we're expanding into Germany, more specifically Berlin, even more specifically Adlershof, even EVEN more specifically Albert-Einstein strasse 16. The honorable task of getting the keys and opening the office for the very first time fell on Thomas and me, I wonder why Matthias didn't do it himself - might have to do with the time of the handover - 07:55 :) Anyways, the office is pretty cool and much lighter than I thought from the initial pictures. As I'm typing now I've got a nice view from the seventh floor and can see the cracy TV tower at Alexander platz in the distance.

At the moment we have network - YAY!, but no machines - BUH! We went shopping for lots of stuff today though, so within this week we should have most of the essential stuff.
Essential stuff

I'm also proud to say that the Berlin office already has found their first bug, and can even top Matthias promise that the office would be operational within a week.
First bug from the Berlin office We didn't fix it though, as it didn't fit with our current submit policy ;)

Rumor has it it rained today in Oslo and I'm very sorry to hear that, and to cheer you up I send you this picture of us having lunch on the roof terrasse of one of our local cantinas. Hope it helps. Sunny lunch

I'll leave you with a picture of a happy liege lord in his new fiefdom.
Matthias faking it

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