KDE Four Core Meeting in Trysil

... so now it's almost over. Most people left today. You could tell that the meeting is really over when it started raining and storming and the power failed a few times in the afternoon. The first outage came when we were right in the supermarket buying some last groceries and suddenly the entire supermarket went dark.

Looking back I think we've been incredibly lucky as we've had an entire week of absolutely beautiful wheather with plenty of sun. We've also been lucky with the food, since the catering that we ordered once a day was good, with decent vegetarian dishes and excellent salmon on tuesday. Add a stable network connection, a beautiful scenery, a stylish cabin with really comfortable sofas and a sauna and you have the perfect ingredients to keep up motivation. And in fact we've been very productive, with a good mixture of meetings, bugfixing/porting to DBus, Qt4, new kdelibs and research on new things, such as a new composition manager in kwin, a new API for dynamic user interfaces in plugin based applications and QGraphicsView rendering in kpat! And stay tuned for upcoming announcements of other things that happened here...

At this point it's also time for a big thank you! to Thiago, who spent a considerable amount of time preparing and organizing/preparing the meeting and writing kick-ass Qt bindings for DBus but in the end unfortunately couldn't make it to Trysil.

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