Binary snapshots released

For those of you who don't have the patience to watch Qt compile, we released binaries of the current 4.2 snapshots. You can download them from our download pages. Note that this is an unstable and unsupported release.

We didn't put out a ChangeLog of what happened since 4.2 Technology Preview 1. The most significant changes are the merging of QMessageBox and QMessageBoxEx and updates to QtDBus. There is a new neat D-BUS viewer demo that comes with its own D-BUS model. This model can be used to access a D-BUS service via Qt's Model/View API and also display it in any tree view.

For those of you who are disappointed that the asteroid game crashes: The fix didn't make it into the binary, I'm afraid you have to compile Qt yourself to play it, or fall back to Tetrix.

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