Qt Jambi Preview Released

So the preview of Qt for Java, called Qt Jambi, is finally out. Its
been in the works for a few months now and I think its taken really
nice shape. Its all available in on the trolltech website, here.

What we have so far is most of the Qt core modules available, Core,
Gui, OpenGL and Sql based on Qt 4.1.3. In addition to the Qt libraries
we also have UIC for Java, called Juic so you can use Designer to
design GUI's. We intend to base the final version on Qt 4.2 which
means we'll have access to all the new things in Qt 4.2, such as
the QGraphicsView.

The package is a binary package for now, just because we want it to be
as simple as possible. It is our intention to make this an open source
in the end, as you can see in the FAQ.

The package contains a small demos and examples launcher. Now since
I'm one of the Arthur guys, I had to write a custom style for this,
using some of the nice features we have in QPainter. Of course in
"Trolltech Green".

The Qt Jambi Launcher

One of the demos in the package is an image viewer, which we wrote as
a showcase for the white paper. We make use of Queued Connections for
threaded pixmap loading, some nice item views features and more.

The Qt Jambi Image Viewer

And finally, we did an integration of Qt Designer for Eclipse and
embedded Juic as a build tool so its possible make use of all those
nice Eclipse features along side with Qt Jambi, like refactoring and
incremental building.

The Qt Jambi in Eclipse

Hope you enjoy it!

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