Glucose and graphics

Today I pushed a new acceleration architecture for Xorg. Called Glucose, it uses OpenGL to accelerate X. What happens there is that Glucose hooks into the initialisation code during the graphics card setup and dispatches the X rendering calls through the same codepaths that XGL uses. The email describing it and the some reasons for it is here: One step closer to the Open Source graphical utopia.

Besides that I've spent the last few days working on optimising various parts of Qt's rendering architecture. From OpenGL painter, through X11 to the raster code. Just beating down graphics into submission at this point really. At first a few code paths held me in a headlock that required some repetitive "banging head on the keyboard" action on my part but now it's ok. Now, Qt just rocks at rendering vector graphics. No screenshots today though :) I started writing a real-time vector graphics cartoon fully in Qt but it's not yet finished. By the way one thing I find missing in all Open Source vector editors is that you can't just scan your sketches and put them as background to trace over, Flash does it pretty ok. Instead of complaining I probably should just go ahead and implement it in Inkscape.

Finally Paul and I sat down today to figure out semantics of OpenGL support in Qtopia Core and we got it down. I'd like to have a fair dosage of 3D support on the Greenphone.

Oh, and US Airways stole my luggage. If you ever met me you know I have (had) a great collection of shirts. Now they belong to US Airways. Oh, and my US cell was in it, so if you've been wondering why I haven't been picking up your calls lately, it's because US Airways stole my phone.

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