Preparations for DevDays2006 begins!

I really need to get into the habit of this blog thing. Anyway, I needed a small break from what I was doing before I head up to the cafeteriafor lunch.

I somehow managed to volunteer for giving 3 presentations during Trolltech Developer Days 2006. I'm mostly done with the multi-threading presentation; I just have to add some code examples. Once I'm done with the Qt in depth presentation, I'll add a little "bonus" material to the multi-threading presentation (so that I have something to talk about if we get some extra time). The hardest one to write is going to be the application development on Linux for Windows developers presentation. I've been using xemacs for so long, that I'll have to teach myself how to use some of the other editors.

So, I've got lots to do, but I'm really looking forward to DevDays this year. I didn't go last year, which I regret. Guess that's why I over-compenstated this year ;)

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