Opie FUD

I keep hearing from certain people associated with certain embedded "distributions" that the Opie project has died. That's fine as an opinion, but then the blame is put squarely on Trolltech, because we haven't yet GPL'd Qtopia 4, which is quite unfair.

Opie project has slowed its development because certain developers have FUD'd it into oblivion and because they stopped developing it. Opie has never really depended on Qtopia releases (except for the original contribution/fork), and saying that it has died due to a lack of free source code from Trolltech is just plain silly. This is really sus, IMHO, and counter to the spirit of free open source.

While I am on this topic, certain developers have abandoned handhelds.org, which has been the center of embedded linux on handhelds for many years. Handhelds.org and Familiar in particular has been a great and stable distribution that has contributed more to linux on handheld devices that any other distribution/web site. hmmm.. hows that for duplicated efforts? *cough*

These are my personal opinions.

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