Perspective transformations in main

Today I merged qt-perspective branch into qt-main. Yesterday I fixed some issues with bilinear filters and some minor stroking artifacts and decided that perspective transformations are ready for main stream. We're hoping to switch snapshots to 4.3 very soon which will allow everyone who considers 4.2 way too stable something pretty unstable to play with =) Of course the main purpose of perspective transformations is to make things like the 3D album selection in iTunes. That's trivially doable in Qt now :)
I switched QGraphicsView to use QTransform which means that items on QGraphicsView can have perspective transformations. As always a bunch of screenshots follows (I know that some planets don't play nicely with blogspot so you might have to just come to and refresh to see them)
All of those are trivially doable in Qt without any OpenGL calls. It's really extremely nice and I must admit I spent most of today playing with it and writing demos. (Oh, and because it happens over and over again, please pay no attention to the fps field, when I'm implementing new features I always test corner cases and the fps on my examples are always skewed because they test something very different than what the the screenshots would imply. Whenever I post screenshots I keep forgetting to mention that and there's always someone who gets bogged down by it so now you've been warned :) You'll have to get 4.3 snapshots if you'll want to see how well it works).

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