A couple of new features in Qt 4.2 for Mac

Now that Qt 4.2 has been out for the past couple of days, I figured it would be
worthwhile to highlight a couple of new features in Qt 4.2. Even though Qt is a
cross-platform toolkit, there are always some new things that are platform

One thing that may come as a surprise in this version is what isn't in it. Qt
4.2 has dropped support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar if you follow the cat names).
The main reason for this was that we just could not support certain things in
10.2 (among them widgets in the menu bar). There were also APIs that we had to
duplicate in order to to get things to work OK in Jaguar (such as an Appearance
Manager-based style and a HITheme-based style, a Quartz2D paintengine and a
QuickDraw paintengine) that made maintenance a bit of a headache. We just
decided that there were diminishing returns (that provided with the fact that
no machines since late 2003 can even run Jaguar) that we figured it was time to
drop support for Jaguar. You can still use Qt 4.1.4 to deploy to Jaguar (and it
works as well), but if you want to use the new features in Qt 4.2, you will
have to target 10.3 (Panther) or higher.

Now that we've gotten past all that version number madness, we can focus on
something that is a little more fun. If you ever been programming inside Xcode,
it is kind of convienent to look at the documentation for function inside the
Xcode documentation browser. Of course the Qt documentation isn't in its index,
so you need some other tool, like Qt Assistant, to read Qt documentation.
However, we've changed the documentation tags in Qt 4.2 to allow you to view
the Qt documentation in Xcode. The only problem is that it takes such a long
time to add the documentation to Xcode that we don't do this automatically.
Here are the extra steps to get the docs into Xcode's index.

1) Edit Xcode's documentation index file (/Developer/ADC Reference Library/indexes/MacOSXDeveloper.pbHelpIndexerList on OS X 10.4) to include Qt's documentation.

2) Run sudo /Developer/Tools/pbhelpindexer to update the index. This is a perl
script that runs through ALL the directories in the array above. This will take
a long time, so find something to do in the meantime.

After the script finishes, open up Xcode and you should find the Qt
documentation in your documentation browser. Here's a picture that to show off.

Awesome picture of Xcode documentation browser with Qt docs!

There are still a couple of other things that are new in Qt 4.2, but we'll
leave them around for another time.

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