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The Trolltech DevDays for 2006 in Munich are just over, and even though I wasn't there for the complete three days, I have to say it seems to have been a big success.

Cheers from Munich!

I was there to join some customer meetings, and since that took about 3 hours in total that meant I had some spare time on my hands. So I grabbed one of the "I'm a Troll" T-shirts and helped out by answering questions, and I also went around and documented the events with my trusty camera and my new trusty field recorder, so I've actually got some audio snippets for you too!

It was my first time at DevDays so it was great to have the chance to go around and feel the atmosphere without too many obligations. I sneaked into most presentations and got a feel for how things were going, and I have to say I felt proud working in the company when I was listening to the guys and girls having presentations - it was high quality all the way. Here is one clip where Brad talkes about his home town (he's from Texas) and if anyone has ever been there? The restaurant he talks about is this one. I guess he'll have more luck with his question in San Jose ;)

It was also good to talk to some of the partners that were there just to see what they were doing and what they could offer. And of course, it was very fun to talk to all the customers. The T-shirts we got had a big "ASK ME" printed on the backside so that really helped breaking the ice. I got some interesting technical questions and it felt good to be able to help people out with their problems.

We also had a support desk (open 8 hours each day?) that was packed all the time. I know for a fact that they solved tons of issues - and they really solved them too. And as you'll see in the album from the days, they even smiled while doing it :D

One of the highlights of the DevDays was the quiz competition that was held during the dinner on Wednesday. A lot of interesting things were discovered during that quiz show, I think mostly due to Benoits excellent MC skills, but maybe also because of his excellent accent. There were two rounds, one where anyone could yell out the answer, and if you answered correctly, they could step up to the scene and take part in the second round. In the second round only the people on the scene could answer, and the last man standing was the winner. Now, the prize of the competition was pretty special, it turns out that... well, why not have a listen yourself.

Here are some highlights from the quiz:

Now, I've forgotten who who won in the end. But I have heard stories they were drinking up the prize later the same night :D

Anyways, it was great times and I hope you guys coming to San Jose experience something of the same.

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