ARGB windows

I've been getting a lot of questions about writing semi transparent applications with Qt. So I've put up an example showing once again how to use ARGB visuals with Qt. The example, just like the old one I showed a while ago looks like this:

The code is available at

By the way of this example I would like to ask some KDE people to stop abusing the fact that I work for Trolltech. What has been happening a lot lately is that people send me emails asking and in some cases actually telling me to do X or Y for their application or send them code to show them how to do Z, which would not be a problem if not the fact that if I won't respond within a few hours they email qt-bugs referencing me by name and writing that this is a "bug" for me. That's ridicules, please don't do that. My motivation to help you is not proportional to the amount of emails you manage to get in my inbox. And if I tell you on IRC that I can't reproduce a bug and I'll need more informations, for example what version of X.Org and on what drivers you're running it, then sending the same bug you told me about on IRC to qt-bugs will not magically make me fix it, I'll still need the same extra informations to get anywhere. So please have mercy on me and be reasonable I am physically not capable of addressing everyones graphics related issues and questions.

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