The death of Opie is greatly exaggerated.


re: Joys of Freedom, R.I.P Opie

Life is like the tides and the ocean.. sometimes rushing in, and other times rushing out. Sometimes it is rough and windy, and sometimes it is smooth as glass.

Opie is not dead. Slightly dormant, but headed for resurrection.

Qtopia is free software, you can still download it for free off of It's true, Trolltech has not yet released Qtopia 4 as GPL. Qtopia 2 is still very viable and useable software. Just because something is old, doesn't make it unuseable. Some developers should actually try using software sometime, instead of being so intent on always needing the latest and greatest. I would love to own a '69 Shelby. I am not even afraid when someone says it might be 'obsolete'.

guyhlem's statement about Opie dying "I'm asking everyone to stop working on Opie and join the Qtopia bandwagon." this was because Opie was duplicating effort (a.k.a. fluff). Also, Opie is not compatible with Qtopia. I know, I have 'ported' a few applications between the two, and an app made for Opie will not compile/run with Qtopia, without, of course, libopie and friends. A lot of Qtopia apps wont run on Opie unaltered either. hmmm compatible. What's that about the 'Description' and 'Notes' fields that cause trouble between the two?

Yes, it has been a long time since Trolltech released a new GPL version of Qtopia. But blaming Qtopia releases for Opie's lack of development is just not right. There are quite a few open source projects living on their own. What he didn't mention is those patches that _were_ included, the communication that did happen (including hiring of an Opie Core developer [me!]), and those devices that were released because of Qtopia and Trolltech.

Now there is the Greenphone, due out shortly, and yes, Trolltech will abide by the licensing of the software, of course. There is also the task tracker at, so you can report bugs/ fixes and feature requests to your hearts content. There is also an SDK that includes KDE! I have also heard some statements from some developers about what the Greenphone has/doesn't have/supposed to have/better off having, coming from people that could not know, as it hasn't even been released yet.

As well as an upcoming Qtopia 4.2 release, which will spur on Opie II! and since I have been deemed Opie's last developer (and yes I am also a Trolltech employee, so there is no lack of communication between the two groups/community) I guess it's up to me to rename it. How about Qtopie! ;)

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