kde 4

It has been a while since I played with a development version of KDE, but KDE 4 was just too enticing to resist. I have been using KDE since .. hmm.. since... well, seems a bit fuzzy, but I believe since before kdevelop was at version 0.65.

I am running kubuntu on my home machine, and to get the KDE 4 packages (too lazy and busy with my own development projects and life in general to compile KDE), I had to take the plunge of upgrading from 'dapper' to 'edgy'. After having to manually fix a few things, I booted up KDE 4! Woot!

I am really glad KDE 4 is progressing nicely. Hopefully, the KDE crew will be able to fully port KDE, and get rid of Qt3Support libraries in the process, but thats just my opinion, and not sure if its in KDE's radar.

Since I am an embedded developer, my interest in KDE 4 is really for Konqueror-embedded. I would really love to see konqueror 'ported' to Qtopia 4 just like konq-e 2 was way back when Qtopia 1.5 was new. But also the developers tools - KDevelop, which I would like to see have a better Qtopia integration... but we'll leave that for some other time.

Great job, KDE krew! Keep up the wonderful work. I know it's a rather difficult job 'porting' to Qt 4, but it's worth it! I might even be able to attend the next aKademy, and meet you guys and poke you to also think about small screen interfaces! ;)

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