Text on a path

Yesterday a rather large selection of trolls went to see Borat and while waiting for the movie to start Simon and I started talking about adding support for layouting of text on a path in Qt. I've sat down today, did the necessary math and added some extra members to QPainterPath and QBezier to make it all work. As always I wrote a short demo to illustrate what I'm talking about. I felt a little guilty tough because while I never blog about politics I see more and more people on planetkde feeling obliged to share their opinions on the world of politics. So my hard hitting politically charged statement for today is "i really like cookies". Discuss among yourselves.
With visual aids the results of it all are shown in this short Ogg Theora video file here and the screenshots look like this:

It's actually pretty neat (the code, not the fact that I like cookies). It's not yet integrated at all within the QTextDocument (also the code and not the cookies) framework but hopefully we'll be able to figure something out (both the code and the cookies) before Qt 4.3.

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