Qt Snapshots

One of the great things of Open Source development is that you can follow development on a day to day basis. Look at the code, play around with it and try out some of the new features.

In that respect Qt development has unfortunately not been as open as it should have been. Qt snapshots where only available after we had released a Technology Preview or a Beta of a certain version. We have in the past gotten lots of questions about our current development version in the past. Many developers are curious as to what we're up to and interested in getting their hands onto the new things we're doing.

To make this possible, we're now publishing snapshots of our bleeding edge development branch. You can either get daily snapshots from ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qt/snapshots or one of it's mirrors (look for the 4.3.0 snapshots) or via rsync. Here are the urls for the different platforms:


Lots of new features that will go into Qt 4.3 have already been integrated into this branch. For those of you who like running experimental code, this is your chance of playing around with it. These snapshots are completely unsupported and don't expect things to work (or even compile) all the time, but we appreciate every feedback you might have on the new features and APIs.

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