WebKit and new examples

With 4.3 snapshots out I updated the list of my examples with a few new ones:
Animation along a path,

And text on a path that I mentioned in the previous blog.

And two examples showing perspective transformations here and here.

Last week I finally got a new laptop. I bought a Sony Vaio SZ340. Mainly because it came with two gpu's, and for a 13"" laptop that's a very unique feature. In general everything works ok (sleeping, cpu frequency scaling, ethernet, wifi, audio). Battery life for some reason is abysmal at around 1.5 hours even though both cores seem to be scaled correctly. I haven't had the time or motivation to figure out what's causing it though. All in all I'm pretty happy with it so far.

In completely unrelated news I became a WebKit reviewer. To answer all the questions about what does that mean for KDE I have to say that right now it doesn't mean anything. KDE is a community, in which technical decisions emerge in the process of natural selection. If we'll manage to get WebKit Qt/KDE ports working better than KHTML does right now, the transition from our own KHTML repository is going to be fluent and natural. If we won't be able to do that, then we'll still have our own version of KHTML. In my opinion, working on WebKit is, from a purely pragmatic point of view, the right thing to do. Working on new features and maintaining a web engine are very complex tasks that we can make a lot, lot simpler by sharing the burden with WebKit contributors.

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