x11 font fun

After essentially moving around some code (trying to avoid the word 'refactoring' :) we managed to fix a little annoyance with text drawing that is now also in the X11 4.3 snapshots:

Text that is drawn onto QImage objects is now rendered using freetype instead of plain paths, which looks so much better. And on top of that there's no need anymore to have a connection to the X server to draw text on images. If your Qt is configured with fontconfig and freetype (as it should be :) you can now instantiate a QApplication with the Tty argument and still draw text nicely onto images. That's for example useful if you write little 'server' alike applications. Think cgi, generating graphs with text and QGraphicsView.... :)

Now the torch is in Brad's hands. He's researching multithreading... You do the math ;-)

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