Greenphone without VMware

The Greenphone SDK comes as a pre-installed VMware image with a ready-to-go development environment which runs on Linux, Windows and soon on the Intel Macs as well. If you already have a GNU/Linux box, you might not want to use the image, though, because you'll lose all those little macros and settings that make your machine unusable except for yourself. Here is a small recipe (use at your own risk, not supported in any way by Trolltech) that shows how to transfer the environment from the guest machine to your host machine.

Short version: Get /opt/Qtopia and /opt/toolchains from your guest PC to your host PC (be careful about the symlinks in there!)

On the guest machine, do the following (replace myuser@myhost with your username and the name of your host PC):

cd /opt
tar -czf ~/Qtopia.tar.gz Qtopia/
cd /usr/local
tar -czf ~/arm-linux.tar.gz arm-linux/
scp ~/Qtopia.tar.gz ~/arm-linux.tar.gz myuser@myhost:

On your host machine (as root user, replace myuser with the user you used above):

cd /opt
tar -xzf ~myuser/Qtopia.tar.gz
mkdir -p toolchains/greenphone/gcc-4.1.1-glibc-2.3.6
cd toolchains/greenphone/gcc-4.1.1-glibc-2.3.6
tar -xzf ~myuser/arm-linux.tar.gz

In addition, you also need the two tools expect and ftpput. If your distribution doesn't ship them, just scp them from the guest PC to your host.

To compile for the Greenphone, do the following on your host PC:

source /opt/Qtopia/SDK/scripts/

After that, you can use the gph tool to connect, compile and install on the Greenphone.

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