Qtopia Core plugins

One of the many improvements to Qtopia Core over Qt Embedded 2, is that it has support for plugins, specifically keyboard and mouse plugins. So we no longer need to patch Qt for device specific keyboard and mouse (touchscreen) handlers. Woot!

And, Qtopia has extended this a bit in the form of device configurations, so a developer can supply a device specific source tree, complete with keyboard and mouse handler plugins.

I have been working on Zaurus device configuration. This weekend, I managed to find the time to create kernelkeymapkbdhandler and 'port' Chris Larsons old Qt Embedded keyboard driver that uses the kernel's keymapping, so we don't have to have a different keymap for all the differing Zaurus devices. Which is a testament to Chris' code and Qt's keyboard plugin system, as there is not much time on my weekends since my 15 month old always wants to play!

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