vegetarians and qtopia

"A British study of more them 8000 men and women aged 30 whose IQs had been measured when they were 10, showed that the higher the IQ, the greater the odds of being a vegetarian."


What does this have to do with Qtopia? Only that in our Brissie office, there are at least 5 vegetarians, including me, one of the qtmail guys, a PSO guy, as well as the boss guy who never wears shoes, except maybe now that he is playing farmer. So, at least since the boss is vegy, there is usually always something proper to eat.

This weekend we are moving office.. down the street to the north a bit in a new building. We have an entire floor! Complete with balcony off the lunchroom.

Qtopia 4 compiles take a huge amount of time, because it compiles _everything_ needed, which is Qtopia x11 tools, Qtopia core, and Qtopia.

Now, add a cross compile and you nearly double that time. You can use teambuilder, distcc, or icecream for distributed compiling to speed things up, and you can use some hidden arguments to Qtopia's configure. If you have already compiled it once, you can reconfigure and recompile Qtopia without touching Qtopia Core and Qt! If you want to update Qtopia sources, you can then keep those already built directories somewhere, symlink them back to the build tree (after removing the directories in the tree first), and use a variety of configure switches to speed things up.

These are undocumented, unsupported and likely to break at any time. You can guess what these may do.


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