well, its that time of year again. Holidaze!

Around here, its either hot or raining this time of year, eggnog isn't very special because the stores have it year round, if Santa Claus is seen outside he is sweating buckets and has shorts on, Santa Claus uses kangaroos for his sleigh instead, people are a bit more sane about decorating their houses, the lawn needs mowed every week - even though we are in a drought and it still can rain bucket loads, and BBQ's are the norm ( they don't have "shrimp on the barbie" and I have yet to see anyone drink a Fosters)!

Since I am taking a few days off around the holidays (yay! I get an extra day off - Boxing Day, hopefully there will be some good boxing matches on tv!!), I will be (trying to) working on OpieII, even if I cannot get svn import working. Nokia 770 and Zaurus c3000/clamshell run ok. Currently working on getting it running on zaurus 5600. Still need to do 6000, 5500/5000d and a few iPaqs I have access to (3630, 4700, 38xx). I would try for the Simpad except the digitizer has gone all wonky.

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