I didn't have time or motivation lately to talk about the things I am doing but today I wanted to mention something because I think it will make your life a little more exciting (that's assuming you like adding eye-candy to your applications).

Andreas and I were talking yesterday and to my great surprise he mentioned that not everyone can do 3D math in their heads. Furthermore he insisted that some people might have a problem with using QTransform::quadToQuad method which I added as a convenience method to the QTransform class. He went as far as to say that some people might not know how to transform one quad into another in 3D space. Of course in no way do I believe him, but after a short discussions we decided that adding QTransform::rotate(qreal angle, Qt::Axis axis) method to QTransform which lets one rotate an object about any arbitrary axis (X, Y and Z) would help some people.
I'm swamped with work so Samuel took this task of me and implemented that method today.

Anyway, if you quickly need to add some nice effects to your application without feeling like doing any work just use QTransform::rotate and blow people's mind ;) A short Ogg movie showing qtransform2 (you'll of course need the latest Qt snapshot to compile it) in action is here and it looks like this:

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