Generating SVG’s with Qt

I've been working on a lot of things at once over the last week but I just remembered that I never mentioned something that I should have. In the beginning of the Qt 4.3 development phase I added a class called QSvgGenerator to QtSvg. QSvgGenerator is a paint device, meaning you can open QPainter on it and yes, that's right, you'll get an SVG XML stream back that you can save to a file or manipulate.

So now you can redirect your widget/window and have a snapshot of your application dumped to SVG format... Come on that's pretty cool. The generator still needs a lot of work, especially when it comes to complex text. But here's a weird, example. I made Qt render a simple animating bezier curve, then loaded html with Qt documentation and rendered that with opacity of .75 (which is why it looks very blend) and finally redirected to a painter opened on a QSvgGenerator. As a result I get a SVG (viewed, of course with, svgviewer) looking like this:

And the full output is here. So yeah, the concept of being able to load simple html and then save it as SVG is pretty neat.

Also boolean ops on paths are now in Qt. You'll find them in QPainterPath's. Since I already had the code and Andreas asked me for it, I added QPainterPath::intersects(const QPainterPath &other) and QPainterPath::contains(const QPainterPath &other) that can be used to check whether two paths intersect or whether one path fully contains the other. I still want to do some heavy optimisations on it, but I'd like to implement "Snap Rounding of Bezier Curves" instead of trying to find the right shortcuts to use reduced-predicates for the intersection finding algorithm.

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