New Qt File Dialog

I have been working on a new file dialog for Qt recently and would like to get feedback. A few fun highlights and screenshots taken from Linux for you to enjoy:

File Open:
On Windows and OS X we now pull the system icons and on Linux we get it from the current icon theme.
OpenFile Dialog

Save As:
Starting out small and simple clicking on the down button will present a smooth animation to the large dialog.
SaveAs Dialog

SaveAs big:
When Typing in the view a line edit will popup similar to how Qt Assistant behaves. It has completion and support for operations such as ".." to move up a directory.
SaveAs Big Dialog

Behind the scene the file dialog no longer uses the QDirModel, but a new model which is much improved. It uses less memory, stats the system less, is aware when files change in the directory you are viewing, and much more.

You can check out the new file dialog which is in the Qt snapshots. Once you download and compile the source you can run the Standard Dialogs example to check out the new file dialog. On Windows and OS X you will need to modify the Standard Dialogs source to avoid showing the native file dialog.

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