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I have been the Qtopia Community Liaison since I started working here in Brisbane, Australia at Trolltech. It has been three great years in this position. A great many things has happened since then. I found an awesome Australian wife (I am from the US), had a son (17.5 months old now) (and another bub in the oven!) who likes singing, dancing, climbing, swimming and (literally) drools over any handheld device I might have, also likes to bang on the keyboard(s) (computer and musical) and play with the scroll wheel on the mouse, and especially loves it when he can bang on my laptop.. so, he is a lot like me.

Many things have happened in the handheld world... pda's melted into smartphones, big companies such as Motorola and Nokia have released handheld devices that run Linux, Opie has had developers come and go (Trolltech has even hired a few developers who have worked on Opie in the past).

Linux looks like it is entering a new phase on handhelds, and growing more mainstream all the time. hooray!

In the past, at Trolltech, I was on a 4 year temporary business sponsored visa, and could not switch jobs even if I had to. But since my personal life has become more permanent here, I thought it only right to seek a more permanent visa. So now I am a permanent resident here, which allows me to change jobs, and do other things such as live in sunny, warm Queensland a bit longer.

So, I have switched from being a "difficult to explain exactly what I do" Community Manager, to Software Engineer in the hardware group here in Trolltech south. I will still be acting as community liaison (but less and less so) and will remain actively involved in the linux developer community, perhaps even becoming involved more with KDE development, who knows! I get to help develop the Greenphone and friends even more than I have been. Which, by the way, is actually currently available, for you to hack on!

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