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Introducing Qt Concurrent

Published on Friday February 23, 2007 by admin in Labs Qt Concurrent Threads | Comments

As a part of Trolltech Labs, I'm adding the Qt Concurrent project. Qt Concurrent is a high-level threading framework for writing code that automatically scales on multi-core systems.

For example, to make thumbnails of a list of images you can do this:

QImage scaled(const QImage &image)
return image.scaled(QSize(100, 100));


const QList<QImage> images = ...
const QList<QImage> thumbnails = QtConcurrent::mapped(images, scaled);

QtConcurrent::mapped() runs scaled() on each image in the list, using as many threads as there are CPU cores on the system.

In addition to this Qt Concurrent also provides a MapReduce implementation for shared-memory systems and support for making asynchronous function calls using futures.

You can get the source code at the labs pages, and there is also a forum for questions and general feedback.

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