jet lag

jet lag. I've got it. had it for a week now.

The reason. FOSDEM in Brussels, and the fact that I live in Brisbane Australia.

Why do plane rides suck so much? There's little or no room, especially since they have installed video+games and the box is usually under the seat right in front of me, so now my knees are not the only thing that lack room. Now my legs have no room either. Add to the fact that sardines are not supposed to move about, much less have ample fresh water, or proper vegetarian food. So, unless you can shell out for over priced business or 1st class... plane rides suck. and I am glad the ~25 hours onboard and 14 hours hanging in airports each way is over. (hong kong was the only one with free wifi! wooot! for Hong Kong airport! good on ya' mate!)

It was really good to finally meet developers I have known online for years. and some I have never known online.
It is too bad I was too jet lagged to do anything but pass out in the evenings.

About the only thing I learned was that the OLPC has some rather innovative hardware.

It is good to get back to the warmth. It was cold and rainy in Brussels, and I was utterly freezing. Since I have lived in Brisbane, I have become a cold weather wimp. I used to make fun of people like me back when I was a ski bum.

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